Sustainability Overview

Sustainability Governance

OUE C-REIT has in place a formal structure to support the proper management of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) risks. The Board of the Manager assumes the overall responsibility for managing OUE C-REIT’s ESG risks and opportunities, while overseeing the integration of sustainability considerations into OUE C-REIT’s strategy.

The Board delegates its responsibilities to the Manager’s Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”), which comprises C-suite, the Asset Management lead and the Investor Relations lead. The SSC meets monthly and is responsible for driving the implementation of sustainability initiatives and monitoring OUE C-REIT’s progress against targets to evaluate their effectiveness. The SSC reports to the Board regularly, at least on a bi-annual basis.

The Sustainability Task Force (“STF”) is an implementation body, comprising representatives from various departments and business units to facilitate the implementation of policies and initiatives, and to develop action plans in response to OUE C-REIT’s sustainability targets. The STF reports to the SSC monthly. Non-financial ESG key performance indicators are included in the annual performance appraisals of the Manager’s employees.

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Sustainability Framework

OUE C-REIT is committed to embedding sustainability into our operations and working towards building a sustainable future for all our stakeholders. We are guided by our sustainability framework which defines three key areas of focus: