Strengthening Social Fabric

Stakeholders are vital to the success of OUE C-REIT and it is paramount that the Manager continues to create social environments that bring sustainable value and positive impact for all stakeholders, including our employees, tenants, suppliers and the community.

The Manager interacts with a wide range of stakeholders to understand their concerns and needs which is key to the sustainability of OUE C-REIT. This includes creating a healthy and safe environment, as well as safeguarding the well-being and interests of our employees, tenants and the local community.


Fair Employment Practices

It is our priority to maintain a fair and inclusive workplace where our people can thrive. We have established comprehensive Human Resource policies to be applied fairly and consistently to ensure a positive working environment for all employees, as well as to avoid any potential complicity in human rights violations.

Inclusive Working Environment

We are pleased to report that we have maintained a significant proportion of women at all levels.


Learning & Development

A workforce that values continual learning is crucial for elevating our performance and service. Hence, we invest in a culture of continual learning to ensure our employees possess the necessary and up-to-date knowledge and skills required. Competent and proficient employees are also crucial to ensuring that OUE C-REIT is capable of meeting both current and future business challenges.

Health & Well-being

A conducive working environment for employees also helps to enhance productivity, morale and well-being. We recognise the importance of Work-Life harmony and have adopted a Hybrid Work Arrangement where employees are allowed to work from home for one day a week, enabling employees to achieve better work-life balance.


An engaged and empowered workforce is critical to our success. We measure employee engagement through our annual employee survey and subsequently develop a holistic engagement program to support our colleagues.

Our managers have an important part to play in engaging their teams and we encourage them to use a variety of online and offline channels to communicate with their teams.

Tenants, Visitors and Shoppers

Service Quality

Working with tenants to ensure that their needs are met and upholding the highest service standards to increase satisfaction and retention has always been a key impetus for OUE C-REIT. We continually explore new ways to leverage on technology to improve service quality and enhance the visitor experience.

Apart from hosting informal gatherings and feedback sessions with individual tenants, we also conduct an annual tenant satisfaction survey to understand their concerns and needs by analyzing the results and areas for improvement.

Health & Safety

The Manager is committed to creating a healthy and safe environment for tenants, guests and visitors at OUE C-REIT’s properties.

2021 Highlights:

  • No incidents resulting in employee fatality or permanent disability, and no cases of non-compliance with laws or regulations concerning tenant health and safety
  • 63.6% of employees in senior management are women
  • Achieved 45.9 average training hours per employee
  • Achieved an average tenant satisfaction rate of 86.1% for all five commercial properties


OUE C-REIT is committed to maintaining regular, timely and transparent communication with OUE C-REIT’s unitholders, prospective investors, analysts and the media, in compliance with the prevailing requirements for the disclosure of information in accordance with listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, the Code of Corporate Governance, and other applicable securities laws and regulations.

For more information, please view our Investor Relations policy.


OUE C-REIT is dedicated to becoming a long-standing partner in the local community. Hence, we are supportive of initiatives and activities that are aligned with our focus on stakeholder engagement in relevant areas such as the environment, health and well-being, safety and philanthropy to meet the community’s needs.

By supporting projects and causes that are of concern to our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate in, we hope to build long-term relationships through our contributions.

For more information, please view our Sustainability Report.